music sites, directories and resources

resource sites for musicians
tips, sites to upload, distribute, promote,
sell, list and record your music

music sites, directories and resources

musicians union
site of UK union
music directory
music directory
all your download sites listed on one
mp3 music site
you can merchandise from here
mp3 music site
oldest on the web apparently
mp3 music site
pay you to join up, but through A&R
mp3 music site (USA)
big and busy, hard to get top listing
mp3 music site
in german
(can login etc in english), we've had
great exposure through their
web partners
mp3 music site
in french (can upload in english)
mp3 music site
linked to australian site
mp3 music site
small site of small label.
in german (can upload in english)
mp3 music site
(South Africa)
mp3 music site
no comments yet
acoustic venue in liverpool
open mic sessions for songwriters
hints, tips, links and plugin
relating to cubase
recording with steinberg products?
this is one place to start, pc and mac.
mad magnus's studio resources
studio engineering site
with useful bits and bobs
small site but friendly info
hints, tips, links and plugin
relating to directx plugins
if you use audio software on a pc,
you probably use direct x plugins
loads of links to commercial and freeware
and shareware fx here.
Vst instrument resources
VST instrument plugins, hints, tips and patches
more for cubase users on pc and mac


we've had reason to use
most of these resources
at one time or another.
so the comments in yellow are
from our own experiences
and don't constitute recommendations
or affiliations
good luck !
mp3 music site
based in singapore
mp3 music site
pays you when users download your music
mp3 music site
scandinavian site.
convoluted login process
mp3 music site
choose your own language,
big site
music saucer
mp3 music site
new and small, yet to prove useful (UK)
mp3 music site
takes ages to upload (AUSTRALIA)

mp3 music site

uploading doesn't
always work.
language specific
versions are listed
to the right.
You need only sign up
on one of these
to be listed on all.
good idea to
translate your details


pressure recording
recording artists and studio
really helpful guys (SWITZERLAND)
music site and directory
not sure how useful this site is (USA)
hints, tips, links and info about
home and studio recording
home recordists and professionals
could do worse than stopping by here
microphone placement
where to put those pesky things
basic hints and tips
hints, tips, links and info on audio recording
diy info
technical essays on sound
academic articles from UcSc
if you want to get deeper into
the sciency bit
viper label
An independent record label in Liverpool
some interesting record releases(UK)
professional audio articles on mixing, recording, intros, etc, etc.
loads of really useful and interesting stuff

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